What to expect from your tax agent?

What to expect from your tax agent

When you find a great hair dresser that you can trust, you want to keep them around, right? Finding a tax agent that will understand your needs and exceed your expectations year after year, is also a precious relationship you want to maintain. Tax agents in Johor Bahru will help you in many ways lift off the burden or preparing and filing your taxes. Find out what you should be looking for in a tax specialist.

Tax agent’s duties and competence

The LHDNM (Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri Malaysia) really cares to assist tax agents in their duties by providing them assistance in many ways. On their website, www.hasil.gov.my they have a special section dedicated to tax consultants so these specialists can easily find all resources needed as they are performing any tax related tasks. Information about new tax requirements for corporate (Also see How to incorporate your business in Malaysia) or individual as well as seminars to enhance their competence is offered to any tax agent who wants to continue improving their knowledge and better service their clients. There are so many variables and exceptions applicable to your tax situation you should consider (Also see How does business maintain tax records?). Your tax agent should be the one to refer to for any specific tax questions as you are putting your trust in them. It is their responsibility to keep you informed as well of any tax filling options that could benefit your particular situation.

It is reassuring to know the background of who you hire to take care of your taxes. So, you could look for agents who have been accredited through the Singapore Institute of Accredited Tax professionals as a reference. This will give you peace of mind that your trusted tax expert will respect and promote standards of tax practice and be competent to guide you wisely.

Is there a difference between an accounting firm in Johor Bahru and a tax agent? Yes, there is. A tax specialist is definitely as the title reveals dedicated to prepare tax returns, calculating how much you have to pay back or you are owned. Accountants on the other hand will be better equipped to plan and strategize to review your tax situation thought out the year so you can adjust as needed before meeting with the tax agent.

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