We offer a variety of corporate services and quite certain that our services can assist you in each stage of your business growth. The price list as below can acts as a reference to you gain an idea of how we charge:

Company Registration and Corporate Secretary
DescriptionOur FeeFrequency
Registration of a company in MalaysiaRM2,500One-off
Provision of a company secretaryRM840Yearly
Provision of a nominee directorRM3,000Yearly
Provision of a nominee shareholderRM1,500Yearly

Bookkeeping and Accounting
DescriptionsOur Fee Frequency
Dormant companiesRM400Yearly
Low volume transactionsRM900 - RM1,200Yearly
Medium volume transactionsRM2,200 - RM3,000Yearly
High volume transactionsRM3,000 onwardsYearly
Low volume transactionsRM500 - RM800Quarterly
Medium volume transactionsRM1,100 - RM1,300Quarterly
High volume transactionsRM1,500 onwardsQuarterly
Low volume transactionsRM200 - RM400Monthly
Medium volume transactionsRM400 - RM700Monthly
High volume transactionsRM1,000 onwardsMonthly
Monthly (with Operational Support*)
Low volume transactions RM800 - RM1,000Monthly
Operational support includes sending our staff to your office weekly to assist you in issuing invoices, cheques, petty cash claims and proper filing.

DescriptionOur FeeFrequency
Monthly payroll retainer - 1st 10 employeesRM400Monthly
Monthly payroll processing fee - 11th employee onwardRM30Per Person
Form ERM300Yearly
Form EARM20Per person

DescriptionOur FeeFrequency
Auditing of dormant companyRM800Yearly
Auditing of small company with low volume transactionRM1,500 - RM2,500Yearly
Auditing of with medium volume transactionRM3,000 - RM5,000Yearly
Auditing with large volume transactionsRM5,000 onwardsYearly

Goods and Services Tax
DescriptionOur FeeFrequency
SST RegistrationRM500One-off
SST ImplementationRM2,600One-off
SST returnRM500Bi-Monthly

Corporate Tax
DescriptionOur FeeFrequency
CP 204 Submission RM300Yearly
Form C (depends on complexity of transactions)RM1,400 - RM2,500Yearly
Withholding tax filingRM500Per filing

Personal Tax
DescriptionOur FeeFrequency
Filing of Form B or Form BERM600Yearly
Filing of Form MRM600Yearly
Filing of Form PRM600Yearly