Payroll Services

Payroll Services

Payroll function is more than just paying the employees their hard earned money at the end of each month of when it fall due. Like most companies, getting an outsourced payroll services can be an excellent option, especially when that will keep your business hassle-free when comes to paying employees.

Our payroll services includes processing Employees Provident Fund and Social Security Organisation contributions, so you don’t have to worry about computation and processing.

We also offer the services on salary distribution through KWSP and PERKESO respectively providing monthly payroll services or depending on your company’s schedule. Managing a payroll requires a lot of details to avoid discrepancies and conflicts that results unhappy employees.

Payroll services are required by any company of any size unless you do not have any staff to do the job around. There are different options for a payroll depending on your business size and nature.

For companies at early stage, outsourcing payroll function can be beneficial since it can do away with the need of getting a full time HR staff. For larger companies, no doubt it is slightly less costly if the payroll function is maintained in house but business owner can still consider sharing the pool of expertise the Back Office team have to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of the process.

Whether you are in Malaysia or any other country, managing the payroll is quite a hassle be it a small or large-scale business. Outsourcing is hailed by most business owners as a good solution to keep the payroll reputable and fair and also to avoid miscalculations and unnecessary mistakes.

Our clients only want the best from our services, and this is why we do our best when it comes to getting into the specifics of their payroll system. We offer them expert advice and services that adhere to their company rules and regulations using our effective payroll system.

We are well-aware that managing a payroll system also requires some adherence to the relevant local laws so that unnecessary regulatory issues can be prevented and employees’ morale can be kept at an optimal level.

For instance, one such is the Employment Act that acts as a guideline when it comes to payroll computation within a particular month that might be incomplete.

Malaysia employers might not know this either, but even part-time workers are also eligible for sick leaves and annual leaves. If you read the guidelines from the Ministry of Manpower, you will find out that there are necessary sanctions for failing to comply with such required actions by the employer.

Looking now closer at the taxation on salary, this crucial part of payroll can also be a hassle. With this information, you can now justify that managing a payroll can be quite complicated.

The Back Office Partners assures you that payroll and tax issues properly managed and things will be in order. Our Taxation Services has more information on the services that we offer. Outsourcing your company’s payroll is an excellent way to lessen time and effort on your side. It also ensures you that the service is well-managed, complies with your company’s rules and adheres to current laws.

Here we offer you the best expertise when it comes to payroll services. Don’t hesitate anymore – you can contact us to get your free quote for payroll and accounting service in Johor Bahru!

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