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Being one of the fastest growing Accounting Firm in Malaysia, we value clients by rendering the services they deserve.

Why Us

Experience and Expertise

Years of experience in the field of accounting, tax, secretary and audit are our edges that can help you in assessing your company's financial health.

Time Saving

Outsourcing the back end operation to us free you up from paperwork and gives you more time to manage more critical tasks.

Compliance and Security

In our hands, you can be sure that your company's financial statements are Financial Reporting Standards (FRS) compliance and securely kept.

Focus On Core Business

With our worries-free services, you now have the privilege of focus solely on growing revenue and building your business.

Customer Oriented

Our dedicated team is determined to provide high quality services and serve you like the top tier Accounting Firms in Malaysia.

Value For Money

By engaging us, you get to enjoy magnificent services that attach values that outweigh every cents you pay out from your pocket.


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Our Services

Taxation Service

Tax preparation and settling can take its toll on your time, budget and mind, particularly the self-assessment system that gets implemented in Malaysia...

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Corporate Secretarial Service

Your company might have already been in our client list if you have previously appointed us to set up the company for you. In this case, we have probably...

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Accounting Service

To a more precise definition, bookkeeping refers maintaining the records of financial transactions that occur on daily basis. While in accounting...

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Company Registration Service

In general, you can avail of all the privilages of being a single owner and getting other tax benefits by registering company or form a corporation. Additionally, it can...

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Payroll Service

A payroll service is more than just something to pay the employees for their hard labor each end of the month of whenever payment schedule is due. Like most...

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Auditing Service

Unless your company is a dormant, zero-revenue or threshold qualified company, it is a mandatory requirement for your company to carry out...

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