Notifying the Particulars and Alterations in Company’s Director, Manager and Secretary

Notifying the Particulars and Alterations in Company’s Director, Manager and Secretary

When you set up a new company (Also see The Differences Between a Limited Company and a Private Limited Company), without a doubt, you will need to deal with a lot of information and documents. According to the requirement of law, there are a lot of things that you need to inform the Registrar, and if you fail to fulfil the requirement, you can’t get away from penalties. To avoid this from happening, if you are not confident that you can handle this well, you may contact a corporate secretarial firm in Johor Bahru and get assistance from the professionals. 

Companies are responsible for notifying the Registrar about the particulars of the directors, managers and secretary (Also see What are the Responsibilities of Company Secretaries?) in 14 days from the date the company is incorporated. They should also inform the Registrar about the alterations in the name, residential address, and other particulars of the company’s director, manager or secretary within 14 days after that changes have taken place. 

Other information that a company should inform the Registrar in 14 days after the event happened includes the particulars of the director after a person has become or ceased being the company’s director. After an individual becomes the company’s manager or secretary, it should state his full name, residential address and other occupation if he has any. If a person stops holding the position as the company’s manager or secretary, the company should notify the Registrar within 14 days too. 

The notice which states that an individual has become the company’s director should contain a statement (Also see What Goes Into a Bank Reconciliation Statement?) that includes his particulars. Also, the notice should include a consent to act in that capacity by the individual. 

If the company or any officers have failed to fulfil the requirements and have committed an offence, upon conviction, they may be liable to a fine below RM5000. If the offence continues, they can be liable to a fine of at most RM500 for each day the offence continues. 

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