Corporate Secretarial Services

Corporate secretarial services

If you are troubled by the compliance deadlines and/or other regulatory issues, most likely you stepped in the right place. The Back Office team that are experience in this field will give you a hand to have things sorted out.

Our corporate secretarial service are as listed below:

Yearly Retainer

  • Preparation of directors’ resolution and AGM for annual filing purpose
  • Preparation of board resolution in relation to routine business operation (e.g. Opening of bank account
  • Provision of registered office
  • Maintenance of company statutory documents and records
  • Acting as Registered Company Secretary for the company

Read below to gain an insight of how we can assist you:

Your company might have already been in our client list if you have previously appointed us to Set Up the Company for you. In this case, we have probably recommended you our corporate secretarial services so that you can lessen the load on your work. In Malaysia, having a company secretary during the incorporation period of six months is a requirement for enterprises so stop hesitating as you can count on Back Office’s experts to put things on the right track.

When it comes to the duties of a corporate secretary, there are different responsibilities that we have to take and accept along with the various aspects of our work. For instance, you have to file with the Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia all the register books as well as updating the changes and all the other relevant duties.

Ensure compliance and giving advice to the board of directors, regularly attending all the meetings and taking down notes from such corporate board meetings are just some of the important duties of being a corporate secretary in any firm.

One important responsibility that corporate secretary should offer is dependability and safeguarding of important documents. Your files and the comon seal, is safe with us and all due dates are to be expected to be met timely.

For you to fully understand the importance of having a corporate secretary in your company, it is essential for you to have the details of such a role and how crucial it is for your business’s growth. Company secretaries make the most out of their given time by preventing errors and mistakes that commonly occur in the working and corporate system. Our experts can assure your problems get lessened and have the compliance issue to be the last thing in your mind.

When it comes to SSM filing changes, we handle with due care for you. This might includes the changes to the registered address and the company name. Do not forget the other transactions like share transfers as well as allotments that require a lot of detailed attention. The books get regularly updated with accordance to their secretarial status and work, and they maintain and notify any duty officer or employees who have a scheduled appointment or other matters.

Writing down the minutes of any meeting is a vital task for any corporate secretary. With their diligence in taking down notes, their writing should possess information that is easy to digest after any executive meeting. Following the company agenda and legal procedures is one of the corporate secretary’s essential skills. These experts can efficiently deal with tight deadlines, plan ahead with your business, regularly submit meeting agendas and information, file your annual returns or other management papers, and keep your company data safe.

If all of this has brightened up your view of secretarial services, we are happy to serve you. Simply get in touch for a free quote for secretary as well as Accounting Service in Johor Bahru and we’ll be delighted to assist your company.

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