Bookkeeping Services Malaysia

Bookkeeping services Malaysia

You probably are being tighted up fighting to boost the top line as striker to enhance your business value as a business owner and your hands will be too full to take care of both front and back end of the operations, this is very common in SME. Hence, why not let us get rid of the troubles the bookkeepping function can bring to you so you can stay focus growing.

Our Bookkeeping services entails the below:

  • Recording the transactions based on the documents and information provided by the management
  • Recording entries required by the management
  • Getting the bank reconciliation statement ready

Read below to have a better idea of what the service is all about:

Quite a few people, those who are not familiar with the process of Accounting service in Johor Bahru, think that it is the same as bookkeeping. Bookkeeping is, however, just a part of accounting. Quite often that many firms claimed that they provide accounting services in fact they are providing bookkeeping services only.

In terms of bookkeeping, the daily activities and financial transactions of a business entity such as a partnership, a single proprietorship or a company are chronologically recorded. This information is used in other processes of accounting services.

Bookkeeping services are sufficient for most of the businesses, especially in Malaysia, although they might require accounting services for other purposes.

According to the “Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM)” and the “Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri Malaysia (LHDN)”, it is mandatory for every businesses to maintain properly accounted financial documents and records.

As they can fulfill particular requirements, all businesses have to keep the books and records correctly in spite of getting an exemption from filing returns annually.

Bookkeeping is critical for all companies to prevent unnecessary troubles in future.

Additionally, bookkeeping becomes crucial when financial transactions and activities are required to be traced promptly and accurately with the help of the records and documents created by the process.

In fact, accounting has originated from bookkeeping and is necessary for purposes of the accounting. The bookkeeping system can provide the maximum benefits when the company’s financial information is properly maintained to help the accounting process.

Recruiting a professional accountant can be done by all businesses. As a matter of fact, it is always time consuming to get a good one. Hiring an accountant may not be viable especially for small and medium enterprises or SMEs and start-ups.

You can use the services provided by companies like Back Office Partners as an alternative. It is one of the Malaysian providers in bookkeeping services that is growing at a rapid rate. We continuously try to provide services that are compliant with the “Malaysia Financial Reporting Standards” and other rules.

Your time as business owner is too dear and needs to be spent on productive activities instead of doing paperwork at the office.

Moreover, you can save almost half the money you require recruiting full-time accounting personnel when you use our bookkeeping services. You can also save a lot of headache regarding payment of SOCSO contributions, EPF, bonuses, medical fees, and levy for them. There, you will be able to put cash flow for your business at a better position.

Although some businesses do the accounting work themselves as they are already familiar with the process, we can help you to keep an optimum level of checks and balances on the documentation generated by your internal departments.

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