Accounting – The Cash Basis In accounting, the cash basis means that a company will only record revenue when it
Accounting – The Accrual Basis In accounting, the accrual basis means that a company should record revenue once it earned
How Do Auditors Close an Audit? If the audit firms in Johor Bahru wants to compete with more sizable companies,
The Role of Trial Balance in Accounting A trial balance refers to a report that the accountants will generate when
What is Meant by the Term “Company”? Some people who are interested in setting up a business have no idea
Accounting for Prepayments Prepayments are the payments that the selling companies have received from their buyers before they deliver the
Understanding Cash Conversion Cycle (CCC) Business owners may use the cash conversion cycle to measure the time the company requires
Types of Audit – Statutory Audit and Non-statutory Audit Statutory AuditA statutory audit is an engagement of a financial statement
How To Calculate Return on Capital Employed (ROCE)? Return on capital employed is a profitability ratio. By using this ratio,
What is Audit Materiality? When an audit firm in Johor Bahru is performing an audit (Also see Principles of Auditing), audit materiality is
An Overview of Suspense Account When the accountants in an accounting firm in Johor Bahru is not sure about where
How Does Internal Control Help in Overcoming Payroll Fraud? Based on a study that the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners

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