Changing from Unlimited Companies to Limited Companies Unlimited companies are the companies which are incorporated on the principle of not
An Overview of Breakeven Point The breakeven point refers to the sales volume at which the company literally does not
What Are Margin and Markup? If you are a business owner who does not know accounting well, you may outsource
Categorisation of Costs Every business must have incurred costs throughout its operations, and your company is no exception (Also see
What is Substantive Audit Approach? There are various approaches that the auditors from the audit firms in Johor Bahru can
The Concept of Revenue Recognition As a business owner, do you know how you should recognise the revenues that your
The Differences Between a Limited Company and a Private Limited Company Limited companies and private limited companies (Also see What
What are Accounting Adjustments? Accounting adjustments are the business transactions that the company has not included in its accounting records
The Differences Between Audit and Assurance Audit refers to the systematic assessment the auditors will perform on the company’s books
Understanding Payback Period The payback period is the time business owners need to recover the cost is has spent in
Introduction to Accrued Expenses Accrued expenses refer to the expenditures that a company has incurred, but it has not documented
Differences Between the Accrual Basis and Cash Basis of Accounting In accounting, the accrual basis and cash basis are two

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