Types of Audit Evidence Audit evidence is the information that the auditors of an organisation gather from it in the
An Overview of Accounting Entries Creating accounting entries refers to the process of making formal records for business transactions that
Are Revenue and Profit the Same? Some of the business owners may choose to outsource their accounting tasks as they
An Overview of Full Disclosure Principle According to the full disclosure principle, a company should include all the information which
What are Variable Costs and Fixed Costs? As a business owner, you should have heard of variable costs and fixed
What is Capital Budgeting? Most of the companies will need to purchase fixed assets (Also see What Are Assets and
Types of Audit – Tax Audit A tax audit refers to the official examination of the tax return that the
Types of Audit – Financial Statement Audit A financial statement audit is a review on the annual financial statements of
Types of Audit – Compliance Audit A compliance audit is a type of audit service that pays more attention to
Types of Audit Risks and Their Sources Audit risk refers to the possibility that a material misstatement is present in
Understanding Discounted Payback Period Some of the business owners do not know how they can determine the profitability of the
The Rules for the Recording of Journal Entries When the accountants from an accounting firm in Johor Bahru are recording

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