Most Welcomed Business Trends In Malaysia

Most Welcomed Business Trends In Malaysia

If you are a young entrepreneur, you probably are seeking concepts that are viable and to make a fortune like how Jack Ma of Alibaba did. Starting up a company probably came across your mind at first. Obtaining start-up capital from either government or the more aggressive capitalist could be what you thought can make your dream come true.

Most of the popular patterns nowadays are those who require lesser capital but unlimited upside that attracted a lot of young entrepreneurs (Also see Critical Areas Business Owners Should Look At). In this era, you probably can guess it; most have to do with technologies that offer various convenient, productivity and economic of scale. This model significantly help entrepreneurs by lowering the working capital requirements (Also see Components of Working Capital).

Software As A Service (SaaS)

If you need help to get things done automatically, efficiently and accurately, most likely you can consider SaaS. There are a lot of platforms as such that provide various services that leverage the Cloud technology.

With the help of an accounting firm in Johor Bahru, many companies were being set up and had been building such apps as the initial capital required are mostly just the expertise in designing the app and a workable laptop.

E-Commerce Of “Everything”

E-Commerce of various products such as clothing, mobile phones, toy, home supplies, and even food are easily seen everywhere on the internet. The fact that buyers can purchase without leaving their home offers the convenience that they are so addicted to such a model.

The payment gateway used by the seller, on the other hand, reduce the credit risks (Also see Benefits of Managing Your Accounts Receivable) significantly when the buyers pay immediately and even before the products were sent.

Grab Of “Everything”

Whenever someone mentioned about Grab, the first thing that you thought probably is a taxi. This car-renting-with-driver application is so popular in the public logistic industry as it removes the need to own a car in Malaysia before a person can travel locally.

As time goes by, they also offer service to transport goods and that is great news for those short-memory people that always forgot to bring important thing during a momentous occasion.

Shared Office For Start-Ups

After registering a company in Johor Bahru, what do you do next? Some might start looking for an office space that can accommodate the work team. However, start-ups are fragile and cost concerned as survivability is their very first mission (Also see Why your business needs a bookkeeping service now than ever).

A shared office or a co-working space is a viable option for these new entrepreneurs as they only pay for the space they need and share the rest with other entrepreneurs. In some occasion, they might also find their very first client in the same office.

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