How Can Business Owners Retain Star Performers?

How Can Business Owners Retain Star Performers

For most companies, employees will have a significant impact on the performance of the business. Therefore, besides engaging an accounting firm in Johor Bahru to get the accounting-related tasks done, all the business owners should figure out the best ways to retain star performers in the company. This is because the value that the star performers can bring to the business is beyond your imagination.

In the job market, the headhunters will meticulously look for the top performers. Your employees may know their worth, and they may start searching for more favourable or beneficial working opportunity when they feel unappreciated or being ill-treated.

Hence, it is challenging for employers to retain these talents so that the company will not lose them. As a business (Also see Inventory Management Strategies for Businesses) owner, if you have been looking for the solution to this problem, this article is for you.

Offer Them Some Challenges

Star performers are interested in challenges and meaningful roles. They desire to complete the tasks which will help them in growing their professionality. Also, they know that they have niche skills that they can implement to their highest potential.

In such a situation, what you need to do is to make sure that they are always motivated occupied. Offer them some challenging tasks and projects and let them handle those tasks on their own. If you are unable to make your employees engage themselves in projects that give them some inspirations, eventually, this will dispirit them. Then, they may leave your company as time passes.

Respect Them

You should respect all your employees and recognise their humanity.

As an employer, you should respect the balance between the professional and personal lives your employees need to strike. If they have gotten enough rests and are allowed to relax, then they will be productive and energised when they come back for work. This is going to bring you some benefits.

Besides, you should think about the ways you can help in improving the performances of your employees, such as offering flexible working hours and allowing telecommuting. You should also provide some training and courses to them so that they can develop themselves in their profession continually.

Plan for Their Growth

Career progression is crucial to all the talented staff and star performers. You can let them hold a higher position in your company to satisfy their need in career development. If you can’t achieve this due to the restriction of your organisational structure, you may widen their roles and responsibilities. This will strengthen their commitment to the company. If they have made any effort, you should give them recognition and offer them some rewards right away.

Provide Them with Benefits and Compensation

If you are running a small company, particularly if you have just established the company (Also see Does Your Company Prepare Accounts Receivable Aging Report?) for only a few years, you might not be able to provide your employees with great compensation and rewarding benefits. Thus, you must use your words and actions to let the star performers know that you appreciate their hard work. You can do this by offering health care coverage, incentives, or investing in their courses or training.


You will not wish to see the star performers in your company to submit their resignation letters to you due to various reasons. As the business (Also see Using Activity Ratios for Business Efficiency) owners or the hiring managers, you should take some initiative to make sure that your employees are always loyal, occupied and satisfied. Thus, if you wish to avoid brain drain, you should apply the strategies above so that you can retain the talented employees who play a significant role in your company’s growth.

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