5 consequences you need to face with bad accounting

5 consequences you need to face with bad accounting

Every business must maintain good records, so that their regular operations can run smoothly. When you keep good records (Also see Things to take note when preparing accounts) and manage them on a regular basis, then it ensures that your business can adjust to the changes and sustains the growing customer base.

Every business setup changes with time with its fluctuating needs. However, if the business cannot maintain its records (Also see Challenges in bookkeeping and ways to deal with them), then it can result in damaged corporate relationships as well as delay the work of every department in the business, ranging from accounting to routine operations. Bad accounting is also staid, when it comes to the records of payroll, taxes, etc. There are many consequences that you need to face with bad records management, some of which are listed below.

No Accurate Budget

Every operation must be traced in a company due to budget concerns and taxes. No matter whether the business is big or small, it should have a set budget. With bad accounting, your business can exhaust its budget and spend over the money that is coming in. This in turn can lead to various problems with payroll, utilities, suppliers, and more.

Tarnished Reputation

Bad accounting can destroy the reputation and recognition of your brand name. This is because of the many problems that arise from bad records management, particularly payroll. Moreover, if you are unable to pay your employees, then you can also face legal consequences.


Businesses can go bankrupt due to bad accounting. They may have to shut down their doors, if they do not maintain good records from the beginning. Shoddy records reflect very badly on the company and the word spreads quickly. Although sometimes bad records management can go unseen subject to the asperity of the crises, it is still crucial to maintain good accounts in each business area.

Stakeholders Affected

The stakeholders in your business can be affected due to inaccurate accounting, particularly if they expose the mistakes. It hurts the credibility of your business with the investors as well as the board of directors. In case you run a non-profit business organization, it can affect your donations.

Pay Extra Taxes

If you do not keep receipts for planned tax deductions and maintain accurate records of your calculated tax payments, then you would be unable to claim these items on your business tax return and thus you will have to pay more tax that you owe (Check out our taxation services to see how we can help you).

These are some of the consequences that you need to face with bad accounting and inaccurate records. Companies should protect their records by having back-up systems. They must maintain good accounting from the very beginning. Hence, let’s delay no more and engage our accounting firm in Johor Bahru.

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